Cell Tissue Culture

Cell Tissue Culture

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Cell and Tissue Culturing

Information, links, methods and protocols for all your cell and tissue culture needs. Growing prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells under controlled conditions requires much experience and expertise.

Tissue culture is a term that describes growing tissues or cells that have been separated from an organism. Growth media is essential in tissue culture. The growth media is usually a liquid, solid or semi-solid medium, such as agar or broth. Tissue culture refers to animal tissue culture, but plant tissue can also be cultured.

It is essential to proceed into cell and tissue culturing with a decent knowledge about cell growth and maintenance, as well as essential laboratory precautions and techniques. Preventing contamination and maintaing a clean and oragnized fume hood and culture environment is a necessity for optimal results. We hope the information, links, methods and protocols from this site can help guide you on an optimal path.

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Cell and Tissue Culture

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